Since early October we have been tracking development of upcoming iPhone first-person shooter Zombie Mansion.  (And our readers have shown a particular eagerness to begin taking on these hoards of the walking undead.)  Well, it seems the wait is nearly over.

Sean Cross of Source IT software has informed us that Zombie Mansion is complete and has been submitted to the App Store.  It should be here any day now.

Zombie Mansion is a first person shooter designed specifically for the iPhone. You will find yourself trapped in a monster infested mansion and must fight your way to freedom!

Starting in Hell, you will maneuver through the dungeons, the floors and finally the attic. Search for more powerful weapons and locate the keys you need to escape.

Tested by serious gamers, who played for hours and hours and are utterly hooked. Are you up for the challenge?

Features as listed by the developer:

  • Huge mansion of rooms and corridors
  • 5 levels of smooth 3D graphics
  • Secret rooms to discover
  • 10 different types of monster
  • 9 weapon and health power ups
  • Hours and hours of gameplay
  • 3 levels of difficultly

Stay tuned for a full review when Zombie Mansion appears in the App Store.

  • along123

    9 weapons? I hope it won't be more stick!!

  • Tres

    Why does it feel like almost every single iPhone/iPod touch game is some terrible open source project made by a bunch of students? They're always either unpolished, buggy, have terrible control schemes or just plain aren't fun to play. The notable exception from this rule is Trism.

    Yeah I know, the next big thing in iPhone games is to make an FPS, but at least try and make it right rather than pushing out whatever beta crap you finally got to compile. This game is graphically impressive but the control scheme looks awkward as hell and it just doesn't look fun to play at all.

  • technolawyer

    Will Bungie port Marathon to the iPhone? That's the FPS I want to play!

  • Marcus


    The FPS genre is only just beginning. Check out Cube, thoroughly unpolished, but a good start. Now, Zombie Mansion is about to arrive. I don't think that you can screw the control scheme based on a video released in very early stages of the beta, released to earn publicity. Several of the members in the forums have already tested out the app in beta and are impressed by it. And anyway, it's going to be free for a while then at a freaking steal at $0.99. Anyway, what's not fun about killing zombies? 😀

  • OnePumpChump

    I agree, this game definitely looks like a beta. As far as the controls go, it looks as if the accelerometer is the way to go for movement, even though I think it will take some time to get used to. It just beats having your thumb block a good portion of the screen. Even the person playing in the video had trouble aiming with the direction pad!

  • Nikola Bathory

    So, a shooting stick? You have to be kidding me! The graphics are very good, the enemies also look very stupid - in both these elements Cube is far better!
    I will play this FPS, but I think that Cube is much, much better!

  • Fat Phil

    Sticks can be fearsome weapons in the hands of a skilled monk.

  • Nikola Bathory

    Sorry, I meant that the graphics AREN'T very good. It looks like Doom 2, while Cube looks like Quake! (the difference is obvious!)

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  • J.R. Jalapeno

    i was one of the beta testers and i really liked it a lot, esp for being one of the first FPS on the system. Its a great start and really gets better as the game goes on. the controls are actually amazing if you do one thing, leave your thumb on the left control pad and dont lift it, like in the video. i let the developer know that a few days ago because it works so much better if you just slide your thumb around, like in the game 2079 (shooting pad) it makes it like you're using a mouse and is super smooth. i didnt like the controls either until i stopped lifting my thumb, trying to tap the arrows. just rub it and youll love

  • Jooso

    But with Cube the framerate and the controls are horrible.

  • Mchart

    Big who cares on this one. Sure, it's a fps, but it doesn't look fun at all. The iPhone just doesn't have the control for any fps not to become frustrating.

    Where is your review for tatomic? That game diserves attention.

  • Doghouse

    Looking good, I missed out on the beta.

    Am I the only one who thinks a good way to control an fps would be touch control/dpad for movement (strafe left/right, walk forwards/back) and accelerometer for "looking"? Would take time to get it not too twitchy, that or a sensitivity+calibration slider, but would work quite well I reckon

  • hmm

    Personal suggestion for all FPS games.

    How's tilting the iPhone forward and backward for moving forward and backward,

    Tilting the iPhone left and right for strafes,

    Touching the screen for point and shoot.
    (I'd use the thumb while holding the phone w. both hands)

    Touching with two fingers for just viewing?

  • hmm

    Just took a look at the quake video.

    It's pretty much what I suggested for controls

    Slight difference being (Based on the short video) single touch for viewing and a second touch for shooting.

  • Demonshade

    I agree with hmm. That is the most logical thing to do in my opinion. I always thought everyone would do it that way but some people dont view the situation the same. Your finger is the mouse, so if you use a mouse to aim on the pc why not use it similarly on the iphone? And fps's only have four buttons to move and since there are 4 ways of tilting the ipod i would assume those would logically be the equivilant. Aiming for 4 buttons makes no sense to me, id like to see you play a game where you walk with asdw and aim with say ijkl, ud get owned soooo hard. For the strafe on tilt, it would only be enabled after a certain degree of tilting for no accidental strafing. So you have better aim, with better aim your movement is better.

  • Wabaam

    fuck you.

    anyway, I WANT THIS XP

  • along123

    Soooooo it out yet? (fiddling with thumbs..)

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  • donny

    Are you playing as a dwarf, or an old man..? Why is he the same height as a doorknob?

  • Doug

    Where the heck is this game!?

  • rich_952000

    I'll be waiting for Perry Harts Thriller(phart).