A few notable Lite demo versions of games have appeared in the App Store over the past couple of days.

Armado Lite

This impressive 3D platformer offers the first three levels to try before buying the full version:

We hope you enjoy this free "lite" edition. It's a fully featured game with three levels to begin your journey. Get a feel for the controls, visuals, sound, and if you're good enough you may earn a spot on the leader-board!

App Store Link: Armado Lite, Free

Paradox Lite

We previously highlighted the full version of this game and found it to be a high quality variant of Pipe Dreams in which you rotate individual pieces to connect the entire board together.

In Parardox Lite there is one available mode of play aptly named "Puzzle Mode". Set to a chilled-out groove, "Puzzle Mode" is relaxed and methodical while offering challenging puzzles to excercise your brain muscle. Paradox Lite is a fun, inventive, and an entertaining version of its big brother "Paradox 3000".

App Store Link: Paradox Lite, Free

Powerboat Challenge Lite

A reasonably well implemented powerboat racing game.

The lite version takes you immediately to the action: Manoeuver your tuned powerboat around the buoys against your rivals and fill up your boost bar to power ride on the water with insane speed!

Powerboat Challenge Lite, Free