Earlier today we reported that Gameloft had released a new Guitar Hero-like game called Guitar Rock Tour [App Store].

The game reflects a high quality product as we've come to expect from Gameloft and includes 17 real songs including Beat It, In the Shadow, Girlfriend, Message in a Bottle, and Rock You like a Hurricane. All songs can be played on guitar or drums.

The gameplay video shows guitar portion only and tutorials for both sections:

App Store Link: Guitar Rock Tour, $9.99

Note: This game does not presently work on the iPod Touch.

  • http://theapper.wordpress.com James

    Looks great! I bet they will be adding iPod touch support in no time.

  • Matthew

    How in the world could they not support the touch out of the gate? arent they one in the same?

    Also, is it your video clip, or the game, as the audio doesnt really sync with the game well.

  • Noah

    Hrm... so the notes come at you, instead of you going towards the notes. Interesting.

  • http://pspxmb.pspuae.com Kane2007uk

    Wonder if there are plans to add new tracks with updates, that for me would seal the deal.

  • http://forumninja.com LorenK

    I'm sorry, I don't get this or the tap tap game. The music doesn't seem to go with the buttons.

  • Dee

    Just purchased this game and it's almost an exact ripoff of the guitar hero interface! I'm not saying it's a bad thing because the production value for this game seems high and I'm liking the game so far. I don't recommend purchasing this title though (especially for 10 bucks) because it's too buggy and feels like playing a beta version. The app crashed on me 4-5 times and I've only been playing the game for 5-10 minutes total at the most!!!

  • http://omnigeno.blogspot.com OmniGeno

    Does the fact that it doesn't work on the Touch have anything to do w/ the infamous "accidentally not checking the appropriate check box in the submission form"?

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net James @ All About iPhone

    A full restart stopped this game crashing for me. Only played a couple of tracks, but just taking a look at the 'hard' option clearly shows that is game is no mere baby version of Guitar Hero, it looks to be a solid contender in its own right.

  • Barry Ward (aka wastedyuthe)

    Why the hell shouldn't this game work on the Touch? There's no reason for it not to! I think you're right OmniGeno!

  • Brandon

    i'm not really understanding the point of this game... guitar hero was a success because of the guitar controller making you "feel" like playing a real guitar. i mean... anyone plays guitar hero or rock band with the regular controller? that's why the DS came out guitar hero with the special controller. if they're going to make a music rhythm game, i'd rather see something like "Nekketsu Rhythm"

  • Oliver

    Well, I liked Tap Tap Revenge and that's Tap Tap Revenge with a great artwork and songs I know. That's what I want.

    It really makes fun tapping the sounds.

  • Ahiru

    i really wish they'd released"Phase" (ipod video) instead of these.

    it could "create" a beat-track from every song in my library in just a few seconds, which was rather cool to play along music i like instead of either commercial or unknown stuff...

  • Stephen

    I'm really impressed by this game!

    It's excellent to see a developer noticed that while playing most games you end up covering the speaker, so they let you play it with the speaker at the bottom or top to stop it being covered!!

    Far better than Tap Tap (although I'd expect it to be as it's not free). In Tap Tap it's hard to spot where you missed a note but this drops the rhythm and just keeps the backing track going, much like Guitar hero. Much more comfortable to play than Guitar Hero for DS (gotta hate that Guitarthritis after a long game on that!)

    Fantastic artwork, seems like a high production value game!

    It does need a full restart before playing otherwise you'll not get past the first few screens without it crashing, but once you get playing it's amazing. Hopefully an update will sort this in future.

  • http://twitter.com/alexiaco alexiaco

    This game does not work on the iPhone..... it crash crash crash....WTF?

  • Mike

    I'll wait for a price drop. Wonder if there is gonna have downloadable content.

  • dan

    Looks good but I haven't even been able to play one note yet because it always crashes just before the song begins! Tried restart and same thing. Using iPhone 3G v2.1

  • http://www.carlosgavina.pt.vu Carlos Gavina

    You have to hard-reboot the iPhone, just hold the home and sleep/wake button for 10 / 15 seconds, until the apple logo appears on the screen. Then start the game, it should be fine by know =)

    oh, and i'm impressed by this one, awesome!

  • JC

    yea, why is it not on itouch? i thought the platforms were basically the same? oh well, there loss in the long run. great site by the way! been reading just about every review!

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