Licentia Software wrote in to give us a heads-up on SciFly: Dogfight, a 3D flying game that will be released in the App Store sometime in the next few days.

Dominate the skies with missiles, machine guns, lasers, flak cannons and more. Explore lava oozing wastelands and Earth-like Utopias while flying four highly unique rocket assisted jets.

Sounds like fun.  The game features several aircraft (Avenger, Viper, Phoenix and Gladiator) as well as a variety of worlds (Acheron, Utopia and Barren).  Stay tuned for more info as well as a full review when it makes its App Store debut.

See the developer's gameplay video:

[ UPDATE: SciFly: Dogfight is now available in the App Store for $2.99 [link] ]

  • SalsaMD

    Looks like the package has arrived already.

  • ArtOfWarfare

    Finally there's a dogfighter. This is my competition. This is going down.

  • ergonomicuncle

    THis is reminiscent of those oldschool 3d shooters, from the time when colored polygons were all you got and you loved it. I couldn't tell from the video, but one thing I can suggest is the the worlds are either progressive (randomly generated to infinity) or looping. e.g. Starfox 64. you get to the edge of the map and the map loops over on itself, like a tiny planet. Hell, use a tiny planet like spore. Tiny planets rock! But still at least looping battlegrounds would be sufficient for dogfight purposes. I wonder how that would work for FPS games???

  • NotYou

    I just got and I'm loving it so far. The controls are a bit awkward, but they claim an update will fix the issue. They're not that difficult though. So far it's a lot of fun. I hope we get more games like this.

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