Screenshot from PC version of Cube

Developer FernLighting has posted a video and note saying that they have submitted a port of Cube to the iPhone.

Cube is an open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game built on an entirely new and very unconventional engine. Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which combines very high precision dynamic occlusion culling with a form of geometric mipmapping on the whole world for dynamic LOD for configurable fps & graphic detail on most machines. Uses OpenGL & SDL.

According to the developer "everything" has been ported "including networking and editing - though there is no practical interface to use it". That being said, the developer says this version is intended as a technology demo, so it doesn't appear that there will be multiplayer servers available. Cube will be available for free and has been pending review by Apple for a number of weeks already.

It appears the developer also has hopes to port Sauerbraten (Cube 2) to the iPhone at some point in the future. There's been some anticipation of a proper iPhone shooter, with earlier previews of IUGO's upcoming game Re-Volt.

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  • Wabaam

    looks pretty neat, even as a technology demo. will definitely be dowloading!

  • Gregz0r

    Suffice to say, that its still requires optimization, lol.

  • Reed Moseng

    Very nice!

  • James @ All About iPhone

    First Google Earth and now this! Amazing stuff! Come on Apple approve this app already!! ^_^

  • NJPodder

    I can't wait, but then, this is about the 4th FPS that has been previewed as "coming soon" and we have yet to see any of them. I won't hold my breath. Remember Re-Volt and that Zombie one?

  • Renare

    Looks like it could be very promising... And since the article states it's been in process for a number of weeks, it could be any day we see this... And it's free!? Sign me up!

  • blakespot

    Here is Cube running on a Windows Mobile unit based on the XScale architecture (similar to the processing architecture of the iPhone), utilizing OpenGL:

  • f e a r l e s s

    Looking forward to this! Need more FPS games ported!!! Originals would be nice, too. I don't get why developers aren't making many games like this! Maybe if Apple comes out with something like an iTablet with similarities to the iPod Touch in a 7" - 10" flavor, it might boost interest more! Are you reading this Mr. Jobs? Make me an iTablet!!!!

  • Aeroflux

    So...does this mean we can make our own MP servers? What exactly is meant by "no practical interface" with networking? Does that mean we still have access in a line base form? DETAILS!

    Looks to be a good sign of what's to come. As far as development goes, I believe that Apples lift on the ridiculous NDA by developers on iPhone technology was what held development back. Now that books and info are out in the field we should see an explosion of GOOD dev teams and games. I've just about had enough of puzzle games...seriously Apple needs to bust out the hedge trimmers on that crowd.

  • CloneWars

    FINALLY a first person shooting game!! Cant wait looks really cool.

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  • Oblio

    I'm guessing Apple may consider this to be an emulator, which I thought wasn't allowed. Maybe that is why it hasn't shown up in the app store yet. I hope I'm wrong, or they make an exception for this type of game.

  • Oblio

    or maybe I should have said "virtual machine" instead of "emulator"...

  • f e a r l e s s

    Yeah, there's something wrong with Apple and the approval process for sure!

    Cube website says: "Submitted to the Apple AppStore on 2nd Oct'08"

  • Ryan

    i dont understand why its taking a whole month to say yes or no, if your gonna reject it then just do it already, i mean wtf, is steve jobs personally reviewing this one or something

  • Adam

    I would love to see a FPS on the iPhone, however the fact that there isn't a supported clip-on d-pad/controller makes the FPS idea very impractical...

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  • Tunawrap

    im pretty sure it was rejected 🙁

  • along123

    Sigh! Watever apple ..

  • Oblio

    I see that the developer has updated the history to include some recent bug fixes and significant sounding improvements, and is considering resubmitting this to Apple. I hope they do resubmit it, or are just debating whether to make some more changes first.

  • Oblio

    Apparently this has been approved by Apple and should be showing up in the App Store in the next few days. I can't wait to get it!

  • Parranoya

    It just made it out ---worth the price I say!