Freeverse released the first installment of their Flick Sports series: Flick Bowling [App Store].

Six characters, ten pins and beautiful 3D graphics combine for the best bowling experience ever seen on a mobile device!

Fun for a quick play or a longer session, Flick Bowling offers a variety of awesome balls, a range of difficulty levels, and the ability to bowl alone or against one of the computer characters.

The $4.99 title offers an impressive looking bowling game for the iPhone which we previously previewed.

Freeverse expects more sports titles in the future including fishing, baseball, basketball, golf, and soccer.

App Store Link: Flick Bowling

  • Galley

    I would love to see a really good arcade baseball game.

  • Brian

    link to youtube video of actual gameplay:

  • Dan Frommer

    Alternate title: "Flick it dude, let's go bowling."

  • mek

    seems kinda relaxing and almost boring, no offense..
    i do like bowling, but after playing it on the wii, its never been the same

    plus the relaxing tone of voice, "Spare" , i wonder if you can change it to, "ZOMG SPARE!!!111oneoneone"

  • Hippieman

    @Galley You are in luck. Flick Baseball is part of the Flick Sports games we are developing. Blowing was just the first out the gate.

    @mek Well Bowling is a rather chill sport. We wanted it to be like a friendly game with a buddy, not "SUPER SLAM PRO BOWLING 3000 XXXXTREME"

  • ReformatPlanet

    I think we need a licensed "Big Lebowski" bowling game, with special taunt moves like Walter's handgun or Donny's heart attack. The German Nihilists would be an awesome team as well.

  • slappy

    Would love to see WiFi support so you can play with other iPhone/Touch users locally.

  • mek


    nah man i was kidding about the

    the game looks good, i will probably pick it up

  • http://- Brian

    yeah ok

    when will they release bean flicking.

    that would be good

  • Jamey

    Points awarded to ReformatPlanet for coming up with adding characters from the greatest movie ever made.

    Points deducted from ReformatPlanet for not mentioning the greatest bowling character in that movie, Jesus Quintana! I can see him in all his purple jump-suit glory on that tiny iphone screen. And, when he bowls a strike, he turns to look at you and says:

    "Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy s**t with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you, stick it up your a** and pull the f***ing trigger 'til it goes 'click'."

  • boardopboy

    @Jamey: Gimme The Stranger (Sam Elliot) sitting at the bar giving you instructions on how to play the game, and I'm in!

    Now... Big ups to Freeverse. I have yet to see something from them that didn't impress me. Keep it up!

  • cyberdude

    Why oh why don't these guys hire an art director. Or, at a minimum, bring in some good talent. I don't mean to be offensive (and I might be too late), but come on. The water line is rising quickly in this segment folks.

    The character models not only look bad, but the movements are terrible. A qualified animator and modeler/rigger could have made these look awesome for little more, and it would have gone a long way in perception. These characters are front and center, bad place to skimp.

    Also, is half the experience of a game. what's with the prince Valium voice???? these announcements are celebrations and rejections, not bed time stories.

    Raise the bar folks.

    Oh, game mechanic seems good.

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  • Barry Ward

    To Hippieman:
    I am VERY interested in the fishing game mentioned. There is a fishing app available but it is extremely limited.
    I would like to be able to select either various lakes or various places around a lake to fish, with varying fish for each part. I would like to be able to select from different rods and bait too, as well as keep a book of which fish I have caught with the largest sizes recorded.
    Will your fishing game be anything like that?

  • phil

    does anybody know when the basketball version is coming out?

  • Carlo Votolato

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