InXile Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing an official version of LineRider for the iPhone and iPod Touch this September for $2.99.

"We have over a million visitors to LineRider.Com every month and our strong and vocal audience has been asking for an iPhone(TM)/ iPod Touch(TM) version of Line Rider ever since the touch interface was introduced," said Brian Fargo, chief executive officer of inXile entertainment Inc. "Line Rider is a natural fit for the iPhone as mobile users will be able to share their tracks and ride the lines almost anywhere now."

LineRider for the iPhone will feature a touch interface and allow users to playback tracks in 'movie' mode as well as upload tracks for others to download and play.

Line Rider is described as a "physics internet toy":

The basic concept is to draw one or more lines with the mouse on which a boy (referred to as "dude" or "Bosh" by the creator) on a sled can ride after the player presses the "Play" button. The game includes simulated physics, which means the track must be sufficiently smooth to prevent the character from falling off the sled.

An unofficial clone called Flying Rider was briefly available for the iPhone but was pulled in August due to legal pressure from inXile.

A Silverlight version of Line Rider is available for play online.