H2F Informationssysteme GmbH (say it three times fast) has recently released Dice-O-Mania [App Store] for the iPhone throught the iTunes App Store.

Dice-O-Mania is another "match-three-of-a-kind" puzzler, but with a few twists.  Gameplay involves manipulating dice in a cube formation such that they eliminate, the goal being to eliminate dice faster than they are being regenerated.  When there's no more empty space left, the game is over.

Dice-O-Mania can be played with 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 dice cubes.  As the YouTube video demonstrates, gameplay resembles that of Cubes [App Store], which we reviewed earlier, but Dice-O-Mania offers two modes of play: match colors or match dice-face number, the latter proving somehow more challenging.  Unlike Cubes, rotation of the dice cube is handled via accelerometer rather than screen swipes.  As well, Dice-O-Mania's starfield backdrop rotates along with the dice cube, adding a degree of 3D immerison beyond that offered by Cubes.

I found gameplay to be engaging and challenging and a good match for the iPhone's unique combination of touchscreen and accelerometer controls.  Dice-O-Mania can be purchased for $4.99 through the App Store.

Game Details
Name: Dice-O-Mania (v1.0) Price: $4.99 [Buy]
Developer: H2F Informationssysteme GmbH Size: 6.7MB
In Brief: Dice-O-Rama is an engaging cubic puzzler offering two modes of play and is a good match for the iPhone's touchscreen and accelerometer control system.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Ryan

    looks like a neat game, but I'd never spend $5 on it. Maybe $2, $1 yes.