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Super Awesome RPG is an anime-themed tactical role-playing game, with a card game-style combat system designed especiall…
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Super Awesome RPG is an anime-themed tactical role-playing game, with a card game-style combat system designed especially for playing on the go. It offers a twist wherein actions come from what equipment your heroes wear, and executing attacks is done through a strategic battle board. Join these unconventional heroes on a super awesome quest for riches by fighting dozens of enemy classes and bosses in an ever-expanding world! New friends join the party along the way, unlocking new playing styles and sidequests specific to them. Collect and craft new equipment and pets to gain the advantage in battle. =========================================================== Simple yet strategic card-style combat system Engage in combat by tapping action tokens on a battle board, revealing and activating adjacent tokens you can use next. Chained tokens can be triggered at once to deliver crushing combos! Multi-hero RPG with upgradeable pets Meet new playable characters as you advance in story mode. With them come new playing styles and exclusive side quests. Pets can also be unlocked and upgraded to aid you in battle! Customize each hero by collecting and crafting stronger equipment Choose how your hero looks, and what skills to bring to battle. Skills are tied to equipment, and you can loot or craft more advanced equipment to unlock new or better skills! Play in Story and Dungeon modes Who does your paladin take after? Why does the noble valkyrie have a gambling problem? When you’re not exploring the world, battle in the Awesome Arena and see how long you can last! Experiment with beta features at the Super Awesome Lab Test out upcoming features like friends, messaging, and online functionality, or give PVP a try! Fight against friends and climb the leaderboards, or join forces in the arena. Pay once and play. No ads or in-app purchases. =========================================================== WEBSITE: SOCIAL NETWORK: Facebook: Twitter: @boomzap Instagram: @boomzapofficial TERMS OF SERVICE: PRIVACY POLICY:
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Jan 23, 2016
Updated:Mar 02, 2016
Size:264.7 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal