Shuyan The Kung Fu Princess

“An ideal interactive story for showing kids how violence isn’t always the way forward in gaming.”-
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“An ideal interactive story for showing kids how violence isn’t always the way forward in gaming.”-
Featured by Apple in "Adventure Games" and "Family Games" in the USA, Canada, and China.

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Discover the true essence of kung fu in this action-adventure game exclusively for iPad! Receive guidance from a master, learn ancient training techniques and perfect your soft kung fu. Defeat your opponents without throwing a single punch!

*** Now supports iPad 2 and iPad Mini! ***

Embark on an epic journey of discovery as Shuyan, a trapped princess in ancient China haunted by a secret burden. Explore ancient Chinese wisdom in a time when kung fu served not as a fighting tool but a way of life. Allow your imagination to escape with a five-series episodic drama, hand-drawn motion comics and an original Chinese score.

Discover a new gaming experience through authentic kung fu training brought to life through motion capture and animators guided by real kung fu practitioners. Command actual kung fu movements at your fingertips through intuitive tapping and swiping.

Can YOU learn to fight without fighting?


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Enter the world of an ancient Chinese kung fu temple where you must earn acceptance from a master to ever be free again. Not only must you perfect various martial arts moves, you must also learn the secret of genuine kung fu: to fight without fighting.


*** Totally unique gameplay and combat mechanics; there’s no on-screen D-Pad, no button mashing, no combos; the game replicates real kung-fu movements right at your fingertips through intuitive tapping and swiping;

*** Designed exclusively for the iPad to fully utilize its unique features, allowing for larger training arenas and longer, more expressive kung fu swipes;

*** Character animations created using a 3-D motion capture studio and animators guided by students of Wing Chun Kung Fu (the fighting style popularized by Ip Man, the teacher of Bruce Lee);

*** Based on authentic kung fu principles that rely on wisdom and self-control as much as speed and power;

*** Rich environments and amazing hand-drawn artwork create an immersive experience, transporting you to an ancient Chinese kingdom;

*** Featuring original musical scores by authentic Chinese composers;

*** Written and developed by a multicultural team with a profound understanding of traditional Chinese culture combined with years of experience creating exciting games on multiple platforms;

*** Family-friendly format with positive messages and minimal violence; truly enjoyable for all ages.


Mark Animation is a game and animation studio based in Toronto. “Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess” is our second iPad game, with more game episodes already in production.

Shuyan was featured in the Best of Canada Showcase at GDC and MIPJunior in 2013 by the Canada Media Fund and Telefilm.

“Shuyan the King Fu Princess” is backed by the Canada Media Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund, and multi-language broadcaster New Tang Dynasty Television.
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Release:Mar 06, 2014
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