Shuyan Saga™ : Episode One

Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc.
Choose your kung fu destiny in this comic book meets video game adventure starring Kristin Kreuk! Immerse yourself in an…
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Choose your kung fu destiny in this comic book meets video game adventure starring Kristin Kreuk! Immerse yourself in an epic martial arts fantasy universe created by Chinese comic book master Daxiong (illustrator for Star Wars and DC’s Justice League comics) and embark on a life-changing journey to master the inner secrets of kung fu! Shuyan is the princess of Nan Feng and her secret passion for kung fu is called upon when her kingdom falls under attack by the Guer horde, an evil army led by a general who wields a mysterious and otherworldly power. Episodes 2 and 3 available as in-app purchases. To purchase the entire series at once and save, please see Shuyan Saga™: All Episodes in the App Store. FEATURED BY APPLE IN NUMEROUS COUNTRIES AS “A NEW GAME WE LOVE” “Delivers an epic tale of a princess coming to terms with her destiny” - SPACE CHANNEL “A treat in gameplay, visual arts, and sound” - GEEKS OF COLOR Read what real users are saying in the App Store already: “The entire game is mesmerizing” “A mixture of telltale and action games” STARRING KRISTIN KREUK Back-to-back People’s Choice Award winning star of Beauty and the Beast (Catherine Chandler) and Smallville (Lana Lang) in her first ever video game! FIRST TIME EVER ON MOBILE (and exclusively on iOS!) Highly rated on Mac and PC, Shuyan Saga™ features new controls designed especially for the touch screen! STUNNING HAND-DRAWN ART Over 1,400 beautifully illustrated panels from the brilliant imagination of Daxiong, artist of over 100 comic book titles (he’s illustrated for DC Comics, Dark Horse, and more!) CONTROL THE NARRATIVE! You decide who to save! Your words and actions influence the story as it progresses! Original story set in a fantasy world inspired by ancient China, filled with myth and lore. AMAZING ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Featuring live instrumental recordings, composed by award-winning composer Aaron Tsang! AUTHENTIC MOVEMENTS FROM A REAL-LIFE MASTER Over 300 kung fu combat animations, referenced from motion captured kung fu techniques of Shifu Longfei Yang, Master of the Shanxi Praying Mantis Style, make for a truly unique gameplay experience! BECOME A MASTER 3D combat features three levels of difficulty to be enjoyed by experienced and new players alike. Both hard and soft kung fu styles and two main combat modes: Arena and Focus. ******** ABOUT IN-APP PURCHASES! Available on Mac and PC only as a complete series, Shuyan Saga™ is available for the first time ever in individual episodes. The purchase of this game includes episode 1 and a bonus tournament mode that unlocks as you play through the narrative. If you enjoy the first episode you can buy episodes 2 and 3 individually or as a bundle. There are no micro transactions or in-game currency. Purchasing each episode provides the complete experience! SPECIAL BONUS FEATURES As you play Episode 1, you unlock a special tournament mode where you can hone your kung fu mastery against increasingly difficult opponents. Purchasing and playing through Episode 3 will unlock a special dungeon crawler adventure where you play as Jade! ******** Like us on Facebook: Cinematic trailers and more on YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: Original Soundtrack on Apple Music: Also, check the App Store for the Shuyan Saga™: Comic Vol. 1, the linear comic book series based on choices made by players of this video game!
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Release:Dec 06, 2017
Updated:Jun 06, 2018
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