Mech Battle - Robots War Game

Djinnworks GmbH
Mech Battle is THE multiplayer robot war game that everybody is playing now! We love our players, so you can achieve an…
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Mech Battle is THE multiplayer robot war game that everybody is playing now! We love our players, so you can achieve anything in the game by just playing, everything can be obtained for free! Build up your incredible robot hangar, play action-packed team battles, upgrade your war machines and weapons with the earned resources and prove yourself in amazing battles in beautiful landscapes and arenas. Apply different tactics to your combat while you're fighting for beacons, capturing flags or just terminate your enemies in exciting death matches! Construct your individual robots and equip them with fearsome weapons, thousands of combinations are possible! If you love robot wars and robot games then Mech Battle is your perfect match! So take up arms, pilot! Fame and fortune is waiting on the battlefield! MAIN FEATURES: - Upgradable mechs with abilities like jump, berserk, speed boost, dodge, stealth and others - Upgradable weapons like kinetics, lasers, energy weapons, ballistics, rockets, shields, missiles and more - Combine weapons and mechs to create war machines that fit your playing style - Join or create a clan, play with your friends - Play different game modes in beautiful maps and arenas - Complete daily missions to earn additional resources - Rank up in various leaderboards and become famous all over the world - Apply crazy paints to your steel titans - Enjoy fast paced tactical real-time online wars - Choose from different camera views - Communicate with your team members using the innovative command wheel - Use the Mech Lab for deep weapon and robot analyses So what are you waiting for? See you on the battlefield, soldier! If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to contact us, we are very committed to constantly improving and further developing this incredible third-person PvP robo shooter! Find out more at or join our Mech Battle Facebook group at
Seller:Djinnworks GmbH
Genre:Action, Simulation, Strategy
Release:Nov 26, 2018
Updated:Oct 23, 2020
Size:449.2 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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