Lucid Adventure

[2020 Massive update: Guild Battle] Real-time battles full of attacks and defense, take and retake in the "Guild War"…
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[2020 Massive update: Guild Battle] Real-time battles full of attacks and defense, take and retake in the "Guild War", take over and occupy your opponent's Guild castle, Get to the top of the leadership! "Prepare well, put your head in the game!" ▶ In the limited time you have, build the best army. "You attack the enemy, I'll defend our side!" ▶ Great attack and defense forces along with proper distribution of roles are the keys to victory. "Don't let your guard down, don't relax!" ▶ During these suffocating real-time battles, protect our land and capture the enemy's castle! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardcore Leveling Warriror, the former #1 Ranker who suddenly lost all his power and items. Gather up with awakened heroes, save Lucid Adventure from nightmares and regain #1 Rank! Stylish Action, Easy Control and Addictive Storylines Await You! ■ Story Mode, Find Out the Truth Behind Lucid Adventure - Explore the Greates Fantasy World, Experience Amazing Quests and Storylines! ■ Variety of Unique Characters - Side-Scrolling Battle with Adorable Super-Deformed Characters ■ Limit Break! 'Awakening' - Unleash powerful skills and special outlook of Awakened Heroes! ■ Become a Ranker!, PvP Arena - Attack! Defend! Battle and achieve honorable Hall of Fame! ■ Bonus Stats, Supporters - Setup the supporting party with extra heroes and boost status for main party! ■ Defend [Nightmare] Ambush - Fight against the randomly appearing nightmares and receive bonus rewards! ■ Tribute to Dark's Village, 'God's Relic' - Receive idlely generated resources and upgrade relics to power up the heroes! ■ Play Together, 'Guild' - Play Boss Raid with guild memebers! Also gain bonus APs from members' campfires! ■ Variety of Contents - Play through Skygarden, Material Dungeon, Soulstone Dungeon and more! Virtual Game World of Unlimited Adventures Come on now! Lucid Adventure awaits you! [App Permissions] Lucid Adventure does not request any special app permissions to access. It is required to use iPhone 6s or better to run the game smoothly
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Feb 11, 2020
Updated:Oct 21, 2022
Size:520.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal