Idle Guardians: Never Die

■ New Contents Update - Hue Agency ■ The true ability behind the splendid transformation of the Guardians... is hidden …
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■ New Contents Update - Hue Agency ■ The true ability behind the splendid transformation of the Guardians... is hidden in their costumes?! The Guardians' secret wardrobe is now revealed! - New skins that will further upgrade your Guardian's abilities! - Create and synthesize the skin you want! Additional stats UP just by owning a skin! - Buff up when you complete the collection by collecting various skins in the closet! ↑↑↑Go check the Guardian Wardrobe right now ↑↑↑ --------------------------------------------------------- "This is a real IDLE RPG!" Guardians keep on going through the stages of the game, even when you're not playing! An auto-combat game with cute dot graphics and retro game nostalgia! Never die, Endless Rebirth IDLE Guardians! -Game Features- ■ Legendary AFK RPG, Auto-Combat idle RPG AFK & IDLE? It keeps on playing even when you're not! Everything is automatic, from the endless stages progression to auto-combat and auto-farming! ■ Endless Growth and Rebirth System Every time you rebirth, become stronger faster. The Hero never dies! He just resurrects. Become stronger and conquer all stages and dungeons perfectly! ■ A RPG with unique Characters that are fun to collect ! Unique game contents that bring back classic games such as Whack-a-mole, Tetris, and Claw Machines! More than 160 characters with retro graphics and dot designs! ■ Never Stop Farming RPG 24/7 fully operating Gold Mine Research Institute! Automatic farming of resources to strengthen the Guardians! Even offline, the Guardians are farming! That is the fun of automatic farming! ■ A special Enhancement System only for Children Guardians! Guardians powering up through level up and enhancement plus 'Promotion System'! When promoted, the Guardians' appearance changes and they get additional skills! Legend-class fun! ■ Endless Battles to enjoy with Endless Contents [Demon World] 'Demon' pet for the Guardians, Power up thanks to strong buffs! [Global PVP] World-class Global War that mobilizes all of union, balance and strategy [Pyramid] Endless rewards, Endless challenges, Endless dungeons and adventures [Dept Raid] Hunt the strongest Boss with your Guild members [Force Fight] 30 vs 30 XL Live Guild War ■ Shh, Full of secrets, Continue's secret lab! Another content for the Guardians, a secret island where wonderful research and inventions are hidden! Opening of a secret stage full of strong items, additional quests, diverse rewards!
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jul 29, 2020
Updated:May 12, 2023
Size:280.1 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal