Airship Knights

~ An exciting Valentine’s event taking place at the Airship Academy!! ~ A pink wind and sweet scent are blowing through…
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~ An exciting Valentine’s event taking place at the Airship Academy!! ~ A pink wind and sweet scent are blowing through the airship academy! Collect lots of chocolate and discover special Valentine's products! ▶ Event I. Special School Uniform Costume ▶ Event II. Baseball Team Millie & Shooting Team Jaycee Limited Skins are here! ▶ Event III. Event Store Open ▶ Event IV. Knight Ticket provided for New Captains! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "An arcane punk world where airships fly through the sky. You are the first airship captain from Cloud Island!" Break through the infinite stages with AFK play and become a legendary hero! ■ Board the airship and Fight in 'Time Attack' Idle Battles - A 10 seconds match! Defeat the monsters in time and advance! - Combat and growth are automatic so increasingly stronger enemies won't be any problem for you. ■ An adventure story that blends magic and engineering - Lose yourself in this animated fantasy world. - Double the immersion with the unique story of each knight, and the battles are more exhilarating! ■ Get stronger with 'returns' in this endless journey - Once you feel the limit to your endless journey, open the portal and go back to the beginning! - With more power, you will be able to travel even farther. ■ With a powerful engine, upgrade to have the strongest airship - Enhance your magic engine to quickly increase your combat power! - Manage 6 cabins including the Control Room, Engine Room and Research Room to strengthen your airship. ■ 40 Pixel Knights with incredible looks and abilities! - Create your own party with knights with various attributes and positions. - You can help your knights grow in various ways, such as promotion, awakening, and equipment. ■ Explore the World Map for a wider world view - Arena: 1:1 PVP to unveil powerful knights - Elemental Island: Battle with the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Blue Dragon, and the Red Bird! - Soul Dungeon: Challenge the dungeon to upgrade to the Knights Templar. - Sky Tower: Conquer the tower filled with monsters and uncover ancient secrets. - Temple: The Promotion Battle of the Captains! Overcome the trials of the goddess.
Genre:Arcade, Role Playing
Release:Dec 06, 2022
Updated:Feb 08, 2024
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