Hellraid: The Escape

Shortbreak Studios
IMPORTANT: Due to the high-quality graphics, Hellraid: The Escape is compatible only with iPad 2 & newer devices, iPhone…
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IMPORTANT: Due to the high-quality graphics, Hellraid: The Escape is compatible only with iPad 2 & newer devices, iPhone 4S & newer and iPod Touch 5th Generation. It’s NOT compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation and earlier devices. Hellraid: The Escape is a visually stunning action-adventure game with free updates, no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements! Challenging puzzles, free exploration of the game’s world, and demons fought with brains instead of weapons make Hellraid: The Escape an exciting experience unlike any other in the App Store! Hellraid: The Escape made it into the Top 10 Apps on the US App Store within 48 hours of its release! It’s been praised by both the press and App Store users worldwide. ‘First Person Puzzling at its Finest’ – TouchArcade (9/10) ‘Hellraid: The Escape is a really great experience full of great gameplay features, nice story and unique atmosphere’ – TouchTapPlay (9.6/10) ‘The entire game is crafted into an extremely immersive experience’ – Applenapps (9/10) In Hellraid: The Escape, a sorcerer obsessed with dark arts has trapped your soul in a magic prison guarded by demonic creatures. Why are you there? Who are you and why can’t you remember your name? To find the answers, you must first escape from this dimension of agony hung somewhere beyond time. ********************************************************************************** GAME FEATURES: * CHALLENGING PUZZLES - every single puzzle is a fresh and unique experience * FIGHT DEMONS WITH YOUR BRAINS, NOT WEAPONS * MYSTERIOUS STORY set in the dark fantasy universe of Hellraid * FREE EXPLORATION AND INTUITIVE CONTROLS * GRAPHICS OF PC AND CONSOLE QUALITY * FULL RETINA SUPPORT with flawless frame rate * TV DISPLAY via HDMI and AirPlay * UNIVERSAL APP - pay once and play the game on all your iDevices * FREE UPDATES, NO IN-APP PURCHASES OR PAY-TO-WIN ELEMENTS ********************************************************************************** This game runs on Unreal® Engine 3 technology. Hellraid: The Escape has been developed by Shortbreak Studios in cooperation with Techland, the creators of the Dead Island and the Call of Juarez series. ********************************************************************************** Hellraid: The Escape © 2014 Techland Sp (LLC). All right reserved. Techland® and Shortbreak® are the registered trademarks of Techland (LLC). All rights reserved. Unreal® is a registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 - 2014, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
Seller:Shortbreak Studios
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Jul 10, 2014
Updated:Dec 02, 2014
Size:532.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal