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‘Dead Island’ Developer Announces New iOS Game, ‘Hellraid: The Escape’ Coming April 15th

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Techland have been riding on Dead Island’s success ever since it came out on PC and consoles, but as of today, they’ve got something new in the mix. Hellraid has been seen as the dark fantasy version of Dead Island and Techland has announced today that a brand new mobile title set in this universe is coming soon called Hellraid: The Escape. So far, Techland’s only app on the App Store is Dead Stop ($0.99), a good tower defense that was riddled with IAP. Hellraid: The Escape is a totally different game more akin to In Fear I Trust ($2.99). Here’s the first trailer from the game:

It looks really gorgeous in a bleak sort of way. It’s quite ambitious as well, mixing puzzles, combat, free exploration. It’s also going to be free of IAP. They mention that you’ll be able to play it on your TV via Airplay or HDMI so that engine should be put to good use. We can’t wait to know more about it. Look for Hellraid: The Escape on May 15th on the App Store.

Update: In addition to the release date, we’ve been informed that Hellraid will be $2.99 when it launches and will not contain any IAP. Neat.

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