Echoes of Aeons

Crescent Moon Games
At the edge of the Universe the Aeons set about to create and to destroy. What was left in the wake was the children of …
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At the edge of the Universe the Aeons set about to create and to destroy. What was left in the wake was the children of Terra, unified and prosperous... Until the breaking of the world. Follow Rinelesca "Rin" Stellaris, The daughter heir to the throne of Lusec, as she is caught in the midst of a brewing war, after celebrating centuries of peace in her home nation. As tensions rise, Rin sets out on her own to figure out the cause of the goings on in Terra. As she inches closer to uncovering the truth, what she thought was myth slowly becomes reality. And Eldric Estellion A young man orphaned in his youth, unbeknownst to him, he is one of the Descended. A fabled people born of mortal and Aeonic blood. Thrown into a world beyond possibility, Eldric must find the courage to face his deepest fears. Is it destiny or choice in which one’s life is framed? A tale of two souls, bound together by fate, as they challenge destiny in an epic tale of time and space, love, laughter, the human condition and those who seek to destroy existence. ■ Game-play Features • Set out on a journey of epic proportions across the world of Terra and into the unknown. A massive narrative with 15+ hours of game-play. • Explore a gorgeous hand-painted world, find hidden items, play mini-games, and set sail via the world map to many varied locals! • Fast paced action combat with massive boss fights! Take part in real-time fast paced battles that happen on the spot and play out in 60 FPS. Optimized "floating joystick" controls built from the ground up for iOS. • Switch your character on the fly to gain a tactical edge in combat! Do battle as a ranged archer with devastating AoE magic or an in your face melee specialist with quick-fire abilities. • Build your own unique combos that utilize the Aeonic Arts to summon magical swords or “Incanta” arrows in any order you choose! • Utilize the Tech Tree system to unlock specialized upgrades for your characters such as discounts at shops, raising stats, unique passive abilities, and so much more! ■ Soundtrack • No RPG is complete without a beautifully crafted soundtrack. With 50+ songs, Echoes of Aeons has an expansive score that really sets the mood and brings the world to life! ーーーーーーーー Operating System iOS 12.1 or later Recommended Devices iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max iPod touch (7th Generation) iPad (5th, 6th or 7th Generation) iPad Air 2, iPad Air (3rd Generation) iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5 iPad pro ( All generations) We cannot guarantee proper performance on devices other than those listed above. Please confirm your device model before downloading this app.
Seller:Crescent Moon Games
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Apr 09, 2020
Updated:May 04, 2020
Size:2.8 GB
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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