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▼▼PLEASE READ RECOMMENDED DEVICES SECTION BEFORE PURCHASING▼▼ The first console-quality smartphone shooter! Glide with …
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▼▼PLEASE READ RECOMMENDED DEVICES SECTION BEFORE PURCHASING▼▼ The first console-quality smartphone shooter! Glide with silky smooth controls through a sea of bullets! SLASH THROUGH THE BULLET RAIN in this gripping vertical arcade-style bullet hell shooting game! AKA TO BLUE ■■ SLASH THROUGH THE BULLET RAIN! DEFEND AND ASSAULT WITH YOUR BOMBS! ■■ Cut through the enemy's bullet nets with Bombs at the flick of your finger. Dodge your way through 5 gripping shooter stages! More bullets means more points! Cancel enemy attacks with your bomb to earn high scores, and recharge it rapidly to blow away the next group of enemies. Don't dodge, bomb! The key to survival is at the tip of your fingers! ■■BEGINNER-FRIENDLY FEATURES ■■ Push through the enemy hordes with 3 lives per level, and a maximum of 3 regenerating auto-bombs! Charge your Auto-Bomb to have it protect you if you get hit by enemy bullets. Strategize your way through each stage while polishing your high score! ■■SIMPLE CONTROLS, POWERFUL ATTACKS ■■ Wind your way through the clouds of bullets with just one finger! Shoot down the incoming enemy squadrons! Enjoy arcade and console-level shooter gameplay in the palm of your hand! All you have to do to control your ship is swipe on the screen, or tap with two fingers to bombs away! ■■ IN-GAME VOICES ENHANCE THE ACTION ■■ A powerful cast of Japanese voice actors lends their talents to Aka & Blue, making each stage that much more exciting!  CAST  AKA SHEENK  Shunsuke Takeuchi  BLUE CERNY  Kanade Koshino  MURASAKI EDOU  Hiroo Sasaki  KURO GUHRO  Wataru Komada ■■ HEAD-BANGING GUITAR ROCK SOUNDTRACK ■■ Rock out with your butt out to the hard-rocking sounds of game musician WASi303. Ikedaminorock, General Manager of the Mikado Arcade, also lends his sharp guitar talents to the soundtrack to add a frenetic and powerful shred to the bullet hell action. ■■ A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM TANOSHIMASU ■■ Have fun propelling yourself through these 5 challenging stages! Fight your way through to the ending! Oh and have a nice flight! ************************************************************************** [IMPORTANT] Please read before purchasing. ■■ RECOMMENDED DEVICES ■■ OS: iOS9.0 and up iPhone 5S(*), iPad mini 2(*), iPad Air(*), iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6SPlus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7Plus, iPad Pro(Second Generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad(Fifth Generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 iPod touch(Sixth Generation) only   ■■ CAUTION ■■ Please be aware that we cannot guarantee application performance for devices other than those listed above. (Application also does not support OS versions earlier than iOS 9.0 on devices above) *iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2, and iPad Air can choose from Low and High Quality Settings. Other devices can also choose from Low, Medium and High Quality Settings, however note that the Medium setting is set as default as it helps prevent the chip-set from heating up. Shifting the game's Quality Seting to High will give you access to better graphics resolution. This game runs at 60fps to ensure smooth performance. Battery consumption is higher than other applications, so please avoid playing in the event of major disasters or emergencies. ************************************************************************** Powered by "CRI ADX2 (TM) LE". CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
Seller:Tanoshimasu Co., Ltd.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 26, 2017
Updated:Aug 05, 2018
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