‘Civilization VI’ Has Been Fixed on iOS 17.4 and Later, Now Launches and Loads Fine

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Civilization VI (Free) on iOS from Aspyr wasn’t working for those running iOS 17.4 and later, and the developer had no ETA on a fix. As of an hour ago, Civilization VI has finally been updated on iOS to address this. I have the game installed on iPhone 15 Pro and it now loads correctly and let me resume my cloud saves. I don’t have it installed on iPad right now, but I assume this also fixed launching the game there. Aspyr has updated its support page for this error as well to confirm that it has been fixed with the update now available on the App Store. If you try playing with older versions of the game on iOS 17.4, you will see the error below so make sure to update it and continue playing:

It is good to see this finally get fixed, but I really hope Aspyr can now work on improving how it looks and runs on modern iOS devices. If you’ve not played it yet, read our initial Civilization VI iPad review here and my updated review with expansions and more here. I also reviewed the New Frontier Pass content on iOS here. You can try out Civilization VI for free on the App Store for iOS here, and I recommend checking it and playing a good amount before you buy the full game unlock purchase or any DLC. Do you still play Civilization VI on any platform regularly?

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