New ‘Razer Nexus’ App Update Adds Support for Unannounced Razer Kishi Ultra Controller and iOS Support for Kishi V2 USB-C Model

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Yesterday, the official Razer account posted a teaser for “a new era of mobile gaming" with a silhouette of a controller behind the text in the banner. A few hours ago, the Razer Nexus (Free) app on iOS and Android was updated with support added for an unannounced “Razer Kishi Ultra", analog stick deadzone customization, and improvements to the game catalog. The iOS Razer Nexus app was also specifically updated with support for the Razer Kishi V2 USB-C. I assume both of these are getting announced later today with Razer’s announcement planned for today. The controller silhouette looks to have proper grips like a traditional controller. Having adored the Razer Kishi on my iPhone 11 for years, I’m excited for this USB-C support and to properly see the Razer Kishi Ultra when it gets revealed. Check out the same image posted by Razer with exposure and brightness increased below:

If you’ve not read my review of Razer’s older lightning controller, check it out here. I also compared it with the BackBone One PlayStation Edition (Lightning) and with console controllers. We’ve seen Backbone release some fantastic updates and new controller editions lately, so it is good to see Razer come back. You can download the Razer Nexus app on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. What do you want to see from a new Razer controller for iPhone and do you use the Razer Kishi or Backbone One often?

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