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‘ExZeus: The Complete Collection’ and ‘Sushi for Robots’ Are This Month’s Crunchyroll Game Vault Releases Coming to iOS and Android

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Alongside its schedule for streaming for the month, Crunchyroll has revealed this month’s new Crunchyroll Game Vault titles including a new collection of two mobile classics and one game that is debuting on mobile through the service. We recently had Purple Tree Studio’s Thunder Ray (Free) and Poppy Works’ Hime’s Quest (Free) join the service for iOS and Android. The new games don’t have release dates yet, but I assume they will release within the next week or so. ExZeus: The Complete Collection brings both ExZeus and ExZeus 2 to Crunchyroll Game Vault in one collection. This is likely based on the new collection release on consoles and PC. If you’ve been playing on mobile for a long time, you’d know that both games have been on iOS before. Check out our 15 year old article on the first game here and our review of ExZeus 2 here. Watch the trailer for the collection below:

The arcade rail shooter collection will include controller support and touch controls. The second game is Sushi for Robots. This one is from Ludipe & Friends and is currently available on PC. There’s a demo available as well if you’d like to try it before it hits mobile. The puzzle game will launch with touchscreen controls this month on iOS and Android through Crunchyroll Game Vault. I haven’t played this one before but will check it out on iPad. Check out the trailer for it below:

If you have an active Crunchyroll Mega or Ultimate membership right now, you will be able to grab these two games when they release at no additional cost. You can currently play Thunder Ray on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here, Hime’s Quest on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here as the newest additions to the catalog. What do you think of today’s announcements and release Crunchyroll Game Vault releases so far?

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