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Apple Arcade Launch Title ‘Speed Demons’ Is Hitting the App Store as a Premium Release on March 20th With Pre-Orders Now Live

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Last month, Radiangames’ top-down Bunrout-esque racer Speed Demons ($4.99) was removed from Apple Arcade. Speed Demons was actually one of the launch titles for the service from back in September 2019. Radiangames confirmed last week that Speed Demons will be returning to the App Store. Over the weekend, pre-orders went live confirming the standalone Speed Demons App Store price and more. The App Store version of Speed Demons will be a premium release with new features as a part of the 1.7 update. Watch the Speed Demons App Store release teaser trailer below:

If you’d like to play it on iOS, you can pre-order Speed Demons on the App Store here for $4.99. Version 1.7 for the game includes player drafting (speed boost based on your position behind other cars), a restart option, the ability to upgrade from the race start screen, improved support for 120hz on iPhone 13 and later, and more. I’m glad another Apple Arcade game hasn’t been lost into the void and has returned as a premium release for those who want to play it on iOS. It is going to be interesting to see how Speed Demons does when it hits iOS on March 20th, and whether we see more content and features added in post launch updates. Did you play Speed Demons on Apple Arcade or will you be playing it through the premium App Store release next week?

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