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‘Speed Demons’ is a New Premium Racer from Radiangames that’s Like a Top-Down ‘Burnout’

After taking a hiatus from mobile development for a couple of years, developer Radiangames popped back on the scene back in October with the release of Pivotol ($1.99), a really unique matching game that we enjoyed a lot in our review and picked for our Game of the Week. Then about a month ago, Radiangames released Slydris 2 ($2.99), the sequel to the fan-favorite 2012 original that brought a fresh spin to Tetris-esque puzzling. Now hot on the heels of those two releases, the developer is going in a decidedly different direction with his next release Speed Demons. Rather than a puzzler or a dual-stick shooter which is what Radiangames is known for, this is a top-down racer that sees you flying through traffic using a variety of unlockable vehicles. The cool thing is that the gameplay will change depending on what vehicle you’re driving, so for example if you’re rocking a cop car you’ll be chasing after some bad guys to take them down. Check out this early look trailer of Speed Demons.

As you can see at the very end, the landscape orientation of the game was just to make for a more natural view for the trailer, but Speed Demons is designed for vertical screens to be played in portrait orientation. Given the randomly generated nature of the game and the planned roster of vehicles, each with unique gameplay, I can see this being a fantastic new entry into one of my favorite genres: One-handed games! Also as noted on the Radiangames blog, there are more environments and vehicle types still in the works over what is shown in the trailer. The core of the game is all done so now it’s all about just adding more content. While originally hoping to get it out before Christmas, that’s just not going to happen and instead Speed Demons should be arriving around the middle of January. It’ll be a fully paid game selling for $4.99, and I absolutely can’t wait to check out this new direction from Radiangames.