Apple Arcade Launch Title ‘Speed Demons’ Returning to the App Store as a Paid Game in the Coming Weeks

Subscription services have been around for a while now, both for games and other media, and we’ve gotten kind of used to the fact that sometimes the content on those services will cease to be available. Apple does a pretty good job of giving players a head’s up about what games are leaving their service soon, but once they’re gone then what? Well frequently we’ll see those games re-released on the App Store as standalone releases, sometimes free to play and sometimes paid. Speed Demons from long-time mobile developer Radiangames was one of the launch titles when Apple Arcade arrived back in September of 2019, and just last month it was delisted from the service. Never fear though, racing fans! Radiangames is already in the process of re-releasing Speed Demons as a paid title, with new features to boot. Here’s a teaser.

The biggest new feature coming in what will be the game’s version 1.7 update is the ability to draft, which means you can earn a slight speed boost based on your positioning behind other cars on the track. Basically you let them take the wind resistance hit and eek a bit more juice out of your vehicle. The new drafting element should shake up the gameplay pretty good. Other new features include quality of life improvements, like a Restart option in the pause menu, being able to change your upgrades at the race start screen, re-balancing to some of the more difficult races, and of course plenty of various bug fixes. The exact release date is still up in the air but it’s looking like it will be later this month for very early in April, and the new standalone version of Speed Demons will be $4.99 with no ads or IAP.