‘Hero Emblems II’ Major 2.0 Update Adds the Food Consumption System, New Hero Outfit Colors, and More

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Developer HeatPot has released a surprise major update for Hero Emblems 2 ($6.99) that finally released on iOS last June. I say finally because we’ve been covering both HeatPot’s Hero Emblems and its long-awaited (really long) sequel for many years now. Read Shaun’s glowing review of it here. The premium match-3 RPG series has now gotten its major 2.0 update bringing in a new Food Consumption system to make the game easier through buffs and enhancements to character abilities. This system also will speed up battles. The other additions include an equipment management system at branch nodes within stages letting you rearrange gear, change skills, replenish items, and more. Each hero has gotten a new color scheme for outfits. The final notable additions are new optional accessories to make the game more accessible with money and experience increases. Check out screenshots from the update below:

Hero Emblems 2 is priced at $6.99 on iOS. You can grab Hero Emblems 2 here on the App Store for iOS. We featured Hero Emblems 2 as our Game of the Week when it launched. Check out the original Hero Emblems ($2.99) which we also chose as our Game of the Week and loved it in our review. Check out our forum thread that has been going for years now, for Hero Emblems 2 here. Check out the official website here for more information and some screenshots. Have you played the original and what are you expecting from Hero Emblems 2 when it finally hits next week?

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