‘Grimvalor’ Updated with 120 Hz Support on More Devices and the Ability to Re-Map Buttons on Physical Controllers

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Grimvalor is one of the best premium action games on mobile. You know how I know that? Because we said so! Well, not just us, pretty much everyone feels that way, but we did choose this title for our Game of the Week when it released, gave it 5 stars in our review, and even picked it as one of our top 3 games of the year for 2018. There’s no doubt about it, we love this game! And it’s pretty hard to imagine that it’s nearly 5 years old now; it feels like just yesterday we were slicing and dicing baddies in Grimvalor. It probably doesn’t feel like half a decade has passed because developer Direlight Studios has done a great job keeping the game feeling fresh, whether that be by updating to support features of newer iOS devices or by adding in major new features like the New Game+ mode back in 2020.

Today the latest update for Grimvalor has hit and, while it’s not quite as major as that last one, it’s still a very welcome update indeed. It adds the ability to fully remap the buttons when using a physical controller, so if you’re one of those weirdos who likes to map jump to the L trigger, this is your time to shine. It also now supports 120 Hz displays on devices equipped with those, which is actually a feature added back in 2018 but only included iPad Pro devices at that time. Silky smooth frame rates and remapped buttons, Grimvalor you continue to provide for your loyal fans! Now, how about a sequel or something, eh Direlight?

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