New Game+ and “Arachnophobia Mode” Arrive for Stellar Action Game ‘Grimvalor’

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Just a few weeks out from its launch on the Nintendo Switch, Direlight’s phenomenal hack ‘n slash action game Grimvalor has just been updated on both iOS and Android with a brand new New Game+ mode option. Direlight originally announced this update back in January, and the New Game+ mode was included in the game’s Nintendo Switch launch earlier this month and lets players who have finished the game play through it all over again in a “reimagined world filled with ever more dangerous enemies and powerful equipment." This update also includes improved loading times between levels, support for eight new languages, and a new “Arachnophobia" mode which uses an alternate design for all of the spider-like enemies in the game. As someone who absolutely detests spiders, I’m a big fan of that last addition.

If you’re wondering if Grimvalor is any good or not, let me save you some time: It is. We gave it 5 stars in our review and chose it as our Game of the Week when it launched in October of 2018. We also chose it as one of the two runner-ups for Game of the Year 2018, and really the decision between our eventual pick Oddmar and the runners-up Grimvalor and Suzy Cube was SO razor thin that any of those games could have been the winner that year, they’re all THAT good. So if you somehow haven’t played Grimvalor before then let today’s update be a reminder that you absolutely should if you want to experience one of the finest action games to ever grace the touchscreen, and if you have played it to death already then let the New Game+ mode be an invitation to jump back into this classic once again.

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