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‘Mega Man X DiVE Offline’ Release Date and Price Announced for iOS, Android, and Steam

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At the Capcom showcase, Capcom previously revealed an offline version of Mega Man X Dive appropriately titled Mega Man X DiVE Offline coming this year on mobile and Steam. Today, Capcom revealed the Mega Man X DiVE Offline release date and price with pre-orders live on Steam. Mega Man X DiVE Offline includes Zero, Proto Man, Bass, Sigma, and Mega Man.Exe and over 900 stages, fan-favorite bosses, and more. Hopefully it does well so more publishers can do something like this before killing off a mobile game. It is worth noting that none of the multiplayer or collaborations will be included in Mega Man X DiVE Offline. Watch the Mega Man X DiVE Offline trailer below:

Mega Man X DiVE released in August 2021 internationally, and Mega Man X DiVE Offline will be arriving worldwide on September 1st priced at $29.99. Capcom previously confirmed that you cannot move data from Mega Man X DiVE to Mega Man X DiVE Offline on the official website that has more information. Check out the official website for Mega Man X DiVE Offline here. You can pre-order Mega Man X DiVE Offline on Steam here for $29.99. The Japanese announcement mentions the same price point for mobile and Steam, so I assume the mobile version will be $29.99 as well. As of this writing, App Store pre-orders and Google Play pre-registrations aren’t live, but the old iOS version is here. Did you play Mega Man X DiVE or will you be jumping in when Mega Man X DiVE Offline arrives later this year on iOS, Android, and Steam?


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