Sega Has Officially Acquired Angry Birds Developer Rovio, the Developer Has Joined Sega Group

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Back in April, Sega Sammy announced that it will acquire Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment for 706 million Euros (about $776 million) to help with its expansion in the mobile market. Today, Sega has confirmed that the acquisition is complete and Rovio has joined Sega Group. Over the last few years, Sega has been doing a lot on mobile through free to play games, Apple Arcade release, Netflix Games, and more.

The announcement mentions “exciting adventures ahead", but I really want to see Angry Birds in a Like a Dragon game as a mini-game. That would be too funny, and would fit in since they use smartphones now. If you’ve not kept up with Rovio, the developer previously brought back the original classic game in the form of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on iOS and Android. I hope Rovio’s own mobile legacy is still preserved under Sega Group while Sega also uses Rovio to improve its own mobile footprint. What would you like to see from Rovio under Sega going forward?

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