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‘Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy’ Announced for 2024 on PC and Consoles, No Mobile Version Revealed As of Now

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At its showcase yesterday, Capcom revealed Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy for PC and consoles. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy includes Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice which are the fourth, fifth, and sixth mainline Ace Attorney games. Read our reviews of them here, here, and here. These three are already on mobile, but the new Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy has not been announced for mobile yet. You might be wondering why I’m writing about Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy then. So far, Capcom released Ace Attorney Trilogy ($14.99) on mobile, as a remaster of the previously iOS and 3DS-only trilogy, following its debut on PC and consoles. Since the trio of games in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy are already on mobile, there’s a chance Capcom won’t release the trilogy here, but a newer build of the complete trilogy made for modern platforms will be easier to support on mobile long term. This makes me think it will arrive a year or so later than the PC and console version with the current version potentially being delisted. Watch the trailer for this collection below:

If you’ve not gotten Ace Attorney Trilogy on mobile yet, read my review of the iOS version here. I expect a potential Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy iOS and Android release to be similar with features and port quality. As of this writing, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Steam, Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. If we get a mobile announcement, I don’t expect it before this PC and console version releases. If you’re completely new to Ace Attorney get the Phoenix Wright trilogy. Check it out on iOS here and Android here. While this news story is about Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, I’m still hoping we get The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on mobile outside Japan this year. When we do get any mobile announcements for the series, I’ll be sure to post them. Have you played the Ace Attorney games on any platform yet and will you be playing this new trilogy when it hits PC and console next year?

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