Six 8BitDo Controllers Are Now Officially Supported on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

As of a few days ago, 8BitDo announced that six of its controllers are now officially supported on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and macOS. I missed this news last week, but it is a huge deal. If you’ve not kept up on the console controller space, 8BitDo makes some of the best controllers ever, and two specific 8BitDo controllers have made me use my Switch docked a lot more. One of these and five other 8BitDo controllers now officially work on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. The specific device and OS requirements per controller are mentioned on the official new 8BitDo website page for Apple devices. Games supporting MFi controllers will work with these 8BitDo controllers. 8BitDo also released a video for the announcement. Watch it below:

The supported 8BitDo controllers are the SN30 Pro for Android, SN30 Pro, Pro+, Pro 2, Ultimate 2.4g and Lite SE. I’ve only tested the Pro 2 out of these, but hope to see more supported in the future. A lot of the posts on the official website also mention specific features not being present or supported “as of now". I’m curious to see how this evolves over time. In my limited testing with my Pro 2, Dead Cells worked perfectly, but there is a mismatch in how the ABXY button positions are handled in-game and on the controller. I still need to do a bit more testing in other games, but I’ll likely be updating my controller guide in the near future once we get a few more features supported by 8BitDo on iOS. Do you use any 8BitDo controller on Xbox, Switch, or PC?