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‘Pocket City 2’ Release Date Revealed, Pre-Orders Now Live

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Last week, Codebrew Games released a new trailer for the sequel to the excellent city builder Pocket City. The trailer and website update revealed that Pocket City 2 ($4.99) was set for a mid 2023 release date. Today, Codebrew Games revealed that it will actually be out on April 8th, which is a lot sooner than I expected, but a nice surprise. Pocket City 2 will deliver a 3D city building experience where you can explore as you build with your own avatar. It will also include a day night cycle, mini-games, and more. Pocket City 2 has been in development for a while now and I’m glad that it still looks like it retains the gorgeous style from the first game despite going 3D. Check out a screenshot from Pocket City 2 below:

pocket city 2 screenshot gameplay mobile

With Pocket City 2 hitting next month, I’m curious to see what else releases on the premium iOS and Android side in addition to the Apple Arcade games that should be announced soon and Netflix’s upcoming titles. Pre-order it here on the App Store for iOS. It is priced at $4.99. Pre-registrations for Google Play are not live as of this writing. The official website has been updated with new information and screenshots if you’d like to learn more about Pocket City 2. Ahead of Pocket City 2 releasing, the original Pocket City is available on iOS and Android right now. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it released as well. Do you play Pocket City regularly and will you be pre-ordering Pocket City 2?

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