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Dungeon Management Roguelite ‘Legend of Keepers’ Is Coming to Mobile Through Playdigious With Pre-Orders Now Live

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Playdigious just announced that it is bringing Legend of Keepers ($6.99) from Goblinz Studio to iOS and Android this May. Legend of Keepers is a mix of roguelite and dungeon management. It has been available on PC and Switch so far, and will be coming to iOS and Android as a premium release. You play as a dungeon manager hiring monsters, building traps, and more as you try and defeat heroes trying to get your gold. The developers call this a “Reverse-Darkest Dungeon" experience. Pre-orders and pre-registrations are now live with a launch discount available. It will include iCloud save support, achievements, and MFi controller support, and a redesigned interface available for mobile. Watch the Legend of Keepers mobile trailer below:

Legend of Keepers launches on May 23rd for $6.99. Pre-orders and pre-registering for it now gets you a 30% off discount for its launch price. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order Legend of Keepers on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. I haven’t played Legend of Keepers yet, but will likely check it out on mobile in May. Playdigious says Legend of Keepers will have 3 dungeon masters with their own abilities and recruits in campaigns as well. Check out Legend of Keepers on Steam here. Have you played Legend of Keepers before and will you be trying it on mobile in May?

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