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‘Endling – Extinction Is Forever’ From HandyGames and Herobeat Studios Is Coming to Mobile as a Premium Release

HandyGames and Herobeat Studios just announced that the fox family survival game that has been very well-received on PC and console platforms, Endling – Extinction is Forever, is coming soon to mobile platforms. Endling – Extinction is Forever has you experiencing the world through the eyes of a fox discovering the destruction caused by humans. It features side-scrolling 3D areas as you hunt to defend your cubs, make decisions, find new lairs, and survive. I’ve seen HandyGames push Endling – Extinction is Forever quite a bit on PC and console leading up to those releases, and it is good to see it get confirmed to come soon to both iOS and Android. Watch the Endling – Extinction is Forever mobile announcement trailer below:

I love the Endling – Extinction is Forever aesthetic, and can’t wait to try it out on iPad. HandyGames confirmed that Endling – Extinction is Forever will be a premium release on mobile when it arrives. While a release date hasn’t been announced, HandyGames says App Store pre-orders will be soon. Until we get a date, you can pre-register for Endling – Extinction is Forever on Google Play for Android here. Just like Alba, Endling – Extinction is Forever also has an important message in its narrative which I’m looking forward to experiencing firsthand when it hits iOS.. I’ll post about any release date and price point news around the mobile version of Endling – Extinction is Forever when HandyGames reveals details. Have you played it on PC or console yet?