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Multiplayer Point and Click Adventure Game ‘The Past Within’ From Rusty Lake Releases on November 2nd for iOS, Android, and PC

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Originally revealed early last year, Rusty Lake’s multiplayer point and click adventure game The Past Within ($2.99) finally has a confirmed release date for iOS, Android, and PC platforms. It is also coming to Nintendo Switch, but that release date isn’t confirmed yet. Unlike Rusty Lake’s prior games, The Past Within is a co-op only point and click adventure game where both players need to own the game to play it. One player experiences the past while the other experiences the future here as you both solve puzzles while communicating with each other to piece together the mysteries around Albert Vanderboom. Watch the new The Past Within release date trailer below:

You can currently pre-order The Past Within on the App Store for iOS here and wishlist it on Steam for PC here. There’s also a demo available on Steam if you want to sample it before buying. Check it out on Google Play for Android here. If you’ve not played the developer’s other games, the Cube Escape and Rusty Lake games are worth checking out. Hopefully the team can announce when the game will hit Nintendo Switch soon as well. What is your favorite Rusty Lake release and what do you think of The Past Within so far?

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    Note: The Past Within is a co-op only game. Both players need to own a copy of the game on their own device (mobile, tab…
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