‘Rusty Lake Hotel’ Free for the First Time Ever to Celebrate Rusty Lake’s Sixth Anniversary

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Developer Rusty Lake is celebrating their sixth anniversary this week, and it’s kind of hard to believe how much they have squeezed into those six years. It feels like they’ve been around for a much longer time. We’re talking 10(!) entries in their Cube Escape series, 3 entries in the titular Rusty Lake series, a re-release and mobile port of the precursor to all of this Samsara Room, the somewhat experimental The White Door from their somewhat experimental alternate studio Second Maze, and the publishing and mobile porting of a Flash classic in Mitoza also from their Second Maze label. That is a lot of dang action in a relatively short amount of time from a very tiny studio. Well, to celebrate this six-year anniversary, Rusty Lake is making their original Rusty Lake release, Rusty Lake Hotel, free for the very first time ever. And it’s not just free on iOS, but also on Android, Steam, and In addition, the game has been updated to include new translations, achievements and cloud saves on Steam, the ability to replay rooms, and full screen functionality on PC. Here’s a special trailer they made to mark the occasion.

If you’re new to the Rusty Lake universe, Rusty Lake Hotel isn’t a bad place to start, especially for free. It’s a point-and-click style adventure with one of the most incredible and unsettling atmospheres around. That is true of all of Rusty Lake’s games, in fact. As part of the annivesary celebration the other two games in the Rusty Lake trilogy, Rusty Lake Roots ($2.99) and Rusty Lake Paradise ($2.99), are both on sale for just 99¢ each. The sales and freebie will last until this Saturday, May 1st, so get while the getting’s good. Also Rusty Lake is still hard at work on their new project called The Past Within, which was formally announced this past January but has been in the works for more than 2 years. They recently started talking about its development process over on their blog and it’s well worth a read.

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