15 Apple Arcade Games Are Leaving the Service Soon Including ‘Over the Alps’, ‘Various Daylife’, ‘Spidersaurs’, and More

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Having written about weekly Apple Arcade game releases and updates right from the start, it has been interesting (and sad in some ways) to see what has become of the new additions to the service over time. There are still some great games added to the service, but that wow factor is almost completely gone if you’ve been playing on iOS for a long time. Sure, the many App Store Greats are awesome for newcomers, but those who have played them before, get nothing out of the new Apple Arcade versions in most cases. While checking the Apple Arcade tab on the App Store, I noticed a new section at the bottom listing games leaving the service soon. This will not be the first time a game has been removed from the service, but this is the first time Apple has officially revealed not one or two, but 15 games leaving soon. There are no dates mentioned for each game, but some notable games that have been ported to consoles or PC are on this list among a few exclusives. These include Various Daylife (), Spidersaurs, Dread Nautical, and more.

As of now, there is no clarity on what will happen to the games leaving. This means save data is up in the air as well. I’m not sure if the games move to a premium or free release on mobile, get delisted completely, or something else. This will be the first time a group of games is leaving Apple Arcade. When games leave Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft officially announces this well in advance to let players buy the games at a discount, or know in advance to finish them off. Save data also isn’t a concern on Xbox Game Pass titles. Apple has really dropped the ball compared to Microsoft with communication for games on the service. The full list of games leaving soon is below:

  • Projection: First Light ()
  • Lifeslide ()
  • Various Daylife ()
  • EarthNight ()
  • Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree ()
  • Over the Alps ()
  • Dread Nautical ()
  • Cardpocalypse ()
  • Towaga: Among Shadows ()
  • Dead End Job ()
  • Don’t Bug Me! ()
  • Spelldrifter ()
  • Spidersaurs ()
  • Explottens ()
  • BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner ()

I’m glad that many have been ported so they will not vanish or have an uncertain future. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade and haven’t played these games yet, I’d definitely recommend trying out Over the Alps, Spidersaurs, Towaga, and Cardpocalypse. Make sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of Apple Arcade’s release schedule recently and these games leaving soon?


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