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‘Warframe’ Is Getting Closer to Mobile, Cross Play Community Testing Beginning Soon

Last year, Digital Extremes announced that its free to play online shooter Warframe would be coming to mobile with cross play and cross save. Since then, we hadn’t heard anything about the mobile version. Over the weekend, TennoCon 2022 took place, and the team had a brief update on the status of the mobile version. Warframe is still planned to have crossplay, cross save, and come to mobile with the team working on cross play internally first. This will be expanded to community testing this year as the first step towards crossplay, cross save, and mobile. The complete recap from TennoCon 2022 with details for the new game and a lot more for Warframe is here.

The first step towards crossplay will be inventories for all platforms aligning for the Void Trader, Bari Ki’teer starting on July 29th. I hope we get some more concrete news about mobile this year with potentially any open alpha testing. Since launch, Warframe has continued to expand its reach on all consoles and PC with native current generation versions, a Nintendo Switch release, and more. With so many games moving to cross platform progression and multiplayer, I hope the team working on Warframe manages to get there soon, because the game is very worth your time. If you missed last year’s trailer with the announcements, watch the cross platform save and play trailer here. Do you play Warframe on any platform and what do you think of the TennoCon 2022 announcements for the game and Digital Extreme’s new game announcement?