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‘KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link’ Is a New Mobile Game Featuring an Original ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Story, Closed Beta Planned for This Year

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Over the weekend, Square Enix held a 20th anniversary celebration event for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This included an event in Japan that had two big announcements including what most fans wanted in the form of Kingdom Hearts 4, Alongside that, Square Enix announced a new mobile game with a closed beta planned for this year. KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link didn’t have many details revealed, but we do know that it has a real world component where players can fight agains the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts across a new original story. KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link is planned for iOS and Android and will have a closed beta this year in select regions. Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link trailer alongside the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement in the 20th anniversary celebration video below:

In addition to KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, Square Enix also announced that the final chapter for KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD (initially revealed as Project Xehanort) will be arriving this August as an update to KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Dark Road (Free). We will likely have a definite release date announced closer to this August. Download KINGDOM HEARTS Union X DARK ROAD on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. What do you think of the 20th anniversary celebration announcements?


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