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‘KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link’ Launches in 2024 for iOS and Android, Closed Beta Sign-Ups Now Live

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Square Enix announced quite a few projects at its 20th anniversary celebration event for the Kingdom Hearts franchise last year. In addition to Kingdom Hearts 4, a new mobile game in the series in the form of KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link was announced. KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link is a GPS Action RPG, and the newest KINGDOM HEARTS series entry. It was announced to have a real world component where players can fight agains the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts across a new original story. Today, a new trailer has gone live with the confirmation that KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link launches in 2024 for iOS and Android as a GPS action RPG. Closed beta sign-ups for select regions are also live now. Watch the new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link trailer for iOS and Android below:

If you’d like to try the closed beta for KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, you can sign up for a chance to enter the closed beta test here. The KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link closed beta will be available in Austria and the United Kingdom. You can sign up from now until 19th November to get a chance to try the closed beta. As of now, a KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link release date is yet to be revealed, but it will release next year for iOS and Android. It has been a while since we had news around KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, so this is welcome, although I know many were hoping to see the game launch this year. That ship had sailed given we are just two months away from 2024. What do you think of the 20th anniversary celebration announcements last year and what would you like to see in KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link?


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