Apple Reveals Four Upcoming Apple Arcade Games Including Alto’s Adventure Remastered, Monument Valley 2+, and More

For last month, Apple revealed all four releases in an App Store story alongside some of the updates expected through the weeks. It is possible that Apple does one for this month as well later today, but for now, App Store listings have revealed four Apple Arcade additions including the release dates. These include three App Store Greats and one new(ish) release. The classic Alto’s Adventure has been remastered for Alto’s Adventure – Remastered. You will be able to carry over your progress from the original and unlock the new content like music, the wingsuit, and more. Check out Alto’s Adventure – Remastered here on Apple Arcade. This is expected to release on March 25th. Watch gameplay from the original below:

For the App Store Greats, Crescent Moon Games’ action platformer Shadow Blade will be arriving on the service as Shadow Blade+. Shadow Blade+ includes all 40 levels, secrets, and more. Shadow Blade+ is expected to hit the service this Friday. Ustwo’s legendary Monument Valley 2 is joining Apple Arcade next week on March 11th as Monument Valley 2+. The gorgeous puzzler Monument Valley 2+ joins the first game on the service. The final revealed game is Moon Bear’s Pocket Build. World simulation Pocket Build+ arrives on Apple Arcade with no in app purchases, 3D touch support, haptic feedback, and more on April 1st.

Ahead of the release of the four games, you can check out our forum threads for the originals. Head over to our thread for Pocket Build here, Shadow Blade here, Monument Valley 2 here, and Alto’s Adventure here. Read our reviews for Shadow Blade here, Monument Valley 2 here, and Alto’s Adventure here. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of Apple’s newly revealed games for the service?