‘Sky: Children of the Light’ Season of Abyss Now Live With New Diving Ability and More

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Sky: Children of the Light (Free) from thatgamecompany begins 2022 strong with a brand new season adding in a new ability. The Sky: Children of the Light Season of Abyss (no relation to the Slayer album with a similar name) is live from now and it is set in a new area in Golden Wasteland. This season’s story follows the Abyss Guide and four spirits who explored the waters together. You will relive their memories and learn new expressions to use with prizes including capes and outfits among other cosmetics like masks, hats, and hairstyles. The new ability introduced with the Season of Abyss is diving which can be unlocked for your avatar. More screenshots are here on the official website. Watch the Sky: Children of the Light Season of Abyss trailer below:

Diving will let you complete the seasonal quests. The Adventure Pass for the Season of Abyss is priced at $9.99. If you purchase it or are gifted it, you can unlock all items from the seasonal Spirits’ Friendship Trees and three Ultimate Gifts. If you play Sky: Children of the Light on mobile right now and want to continue playing on Nintendo Switch, read this. Sky: Children of the Light is now available for free on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Check it out on Android on Google Play here and for iOS on the App Store here. Check out our forum thread for more discussion around the game. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched as well. Have you been playing Sky: Children of the Light regularly and what would you like to see in 2022?

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