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‘Another Tomorrow’, the Latest Adventure from ‘Forever Lost’ Developer Glitch Games, is Launching February 12th

It has been a hot minute since we’ve heard anything on the new adventure title from Glitch Games called Another Tomorrow. How hot of a minute has it been? We basically went the entirety of 2021 without any significant updates. It was back in the summer of 2020 that Glitch first teased the existence of Another Tomorrow, and the following December we rounded up some lovely screenshots and new info about the game. Other than that though? Bupkis. Well, that’s not totally true, as they did release a demo of the game on Steam this past August, which slipped by us at the time. So, our bad. Anyway, this week they’ve more than made up for any lack up recent news or updates with a brand new trailer for Another Tomorrow which you can see right here.

This trailer is all well and good, but it’s not just about a trailer today, as Glitch Games have also announced a real-deal release date for Another Tomorrow. This one will finally be coming at us on February 12th, a bit less than a month from now. And if that wasn’t enough then you can currently pre-order it on the App Store too for a price of $5.99. Of course, you PC folks are also able to Wishlist the game on Steam, so don’t feel left out. There’s every reason to be excited for a new release from the folks who brought us the fantastic Forever Lost series, plus many others, so be sure to check out Another Tomorrow’s pre-order ahead of its launch next month.