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‘Micro RPG’ Bringing Streamlined RPG Goodness to iOS and Android January 26th

Originally announced on our forums more than 3 years ago, Micro RPG is an upcoming mobile game from a two-person studio that goes by the name JoliYeti Games and, as the title implies, it looks to offer all the fun of an RPG but in a more condensed package. The core of this experience is a really simple but fun combat system that is based mostly on timing and a little on strategy where you’ll stop a marker on a spinning dial to direct your attack towards enemies. That low level explanation doesn’t do the system justice though, as there is more depth to it than you might think at first. The “RPG" part of the equation comes in the form of equipment, weapons, and numerous upgrade and progression systems. Everything is tied together with a very cute art style that I’m quite fond of, and you can see Micro RPG in action in the following trailer.

As mentioned, this game was first announced on our forums back in 2018, and it has been in various forms of testing ever since then. That means it has been iterated on based on actual player feedback, and for the past several months it’s been available on Android as part of the Google Play Early Access program where it has achieved almost a million downloads without any type of promotion. I think it’s safe to say that those who have gotten their hands on Micro RPG in one way or another over the past few years have liked what they’ve played. Now it’s finally time for the rest of us to get in on the action as an official release date of January 26th has been announced. You can pre-order it on the iOS App Store and as mentioned it’s already available in Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android. Finally, you can sign up for a newsletter on the game’s website to earn yourself some in-game goodies when it launches later this month.