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‘Alien: Isolation’ Is Rolling Out Now on iOS Worldwide, Android Version Coming Later Today

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In my interview with Feral Interactive, we got our first tease for a potential Alien: Isolation (Free) mobile release. Since then, the developer has officially confirmed that it is hitting not just iOS, but also Android as a premium release. Alien: Isolation has now started rolling out worldwide on iOS with Android to follow later today. SEGA and Creative Assembly’s survival horror game has arrived on mobile in a fantastic conversion. My full review for it will go live today, but it feels even better than playing it on Xbox Series X with the frame rate boost through backward compatibility. After how good the Switch port is, I expected Alien: Isolation on iOS to be very good given Feral Interactive handled both, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. Watch the Alien: Isolation mobile trailer below:

Alien: Isolation on mobile includes all seven DLC packs in its base price of $14.99. If you’re planning on buying it, make sure you have enough free space. Feral Interactive recommends 22GB free to install without issues. The supported devices for Alien: Isolation are iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X (and later), and iPhone SE (2020) on the iPhone side of things. On iPad, it supports iPad Pro 2nd gen (and later), iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9 inch model only, iPad 7 (2019) and later, iPad Air 3 (2019) and later, and iPad mini 5 (2019) and later. You can pre-register for it here on Google Play for Android. The Android requirements are listed on Google Play. Alien: Isolation is out now (or rolling out depending on where you are) on the App Store here. Check out our forum thread here. Have you played Alien: Isolation yet and will you be checking out the mobile version from Feral Interactive today?

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