‘LEGO Star Wars: Castaways’ Is Out Now on Apple Arcade alongside Big Updates for ‘Clap Hanz Golf’, ‘Solitaire Stories’, ‘Angry Birds Reloaded’, ‘Spire Blast’, and More

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LEGO Star Wars: Castaways () by Gameloft was officially revealed after a tease from the official Apple Arcade Twitter account. LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is an online social action adventure LEGO Star Wars game where you create your own custom LEGO minifigure character and set off on adventures with friends on a new planet. As expected from the name, you will also be able to relive classic Star Wars moments in LEGO Star Wars: Castaways as you take on various enemies, enter flight simulations, and solve puzzles. Expect PvP content and co-op quests told through a brand new LEGO Star Wars story. Check out LEGO Star Wars: Castaways on Apple Arcade here. Watch the trailer for it below showing off some gameplay:

Quite a few games have gotten updates this week with a few surprises. Clap Hanz Golf from Clap Hanz got a major update yesterday bringing it to version 1.4.0. This update adds a new UI for the main menu, an easy mode option, training mode, character model changes, and more. Training mode is a welcome addition for me since I wanted a way to just pick a course and character and play quickly. Solitaire Stories from Red Games gets two new storylines with Family Tree and The Favor of Santa Muerte. Beating both unlocks 10 new deck designs. The update also lets you replay stories to earn new achievements and improve your leaderboard position. Angry Birds Reloaded adds a new secret area, 45 new levels in the Off The Menu episode, and more.

Zen Pinball Party from Zen Studios adds a new 4 player multiplayer mode in today’s update titled the Funko Pinball Party Arena. The update also adds haptic feedback on supported iOS devices and controller vibration support. Outlanders gets its first update in months with a new season bringing in new missions, buildings, and mechanics. Orbital Knight’s Spire Blast adds a new Thanksgiving event coming soon, an energy saving mode option, 120fps support, rebalanced economy, and more.

Check out our forum threads for LEGO Star Wars: Castaways here, Spire Blast here, Clap Hanz Golf here, Solitaire Stories here, Angry Birds Reloaded here, Outlanders here, Zen Pinball Party here . For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of the recent Apple Arcade additions and LEGO Star Wars: Castaways so far?

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