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Sci-Fi Top-Down Shooter ‘Tesla Force’ Arrives on Mobile August 19th, Pre-Order Available Now

Back in October of 2019 developer 10tons announced Tesla Force for PC, a spin-off of their incredibly awesome sci-fi top-down shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft. Given that the vast majority of the 10tons catalog is available on mobile, I felt confident saying at that time that I’d eat my hat if Tesla Force didn’t also end up on mobile at some point. I do not enjoy the taste of hats, so it’s a good thing that in August of last year 10tons did officially confirm that the game would indeed be heading to mobile. Then just last month the developers put out a call for beta testing help for the mobile version of Tesla Force, and that brings us to today where they’ve now sent out a final beta version of the game and have announced an August 19th release date. It truly has been a journey, friends. Check out the Tesla Force PC trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

As that awesome trailer shows, Tesla Force is very much all about cool over-the-top science-y weapons that you use to blast away at eldritch enemies, much like its predecessor Tesla vs Lovecraft. The big difference here is that this is a roguelike game where levels and the path you choose to take through the campaign are randomly generated each time. You also get a selection of playable characters besides Nikola Tesla: Marie Curie, H.P. Lovecraft, and Mary Shelley. All legends in their own rights in the science and/or otherworldly horrors fields. And of course there’s even more crazy weapons and gadgets this time around. So if all of this sounds like your bag you can pre-order Tesla Force on the iOS App Store right now for $5.99 and look for it to launch next week on August 19th.