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‘Tesla Force’, the Roguelike Spin-Off of ‘Tesla vs. Lovecraft’ from 10tons, Hits Early Access on Desktop and is Confirmed for Mobile

I feel like I say this all the time, but jeez, where does the time go? It was all the way back in October of last year that developer 10tons first announced Tesla Force, a randomly generated roguelike spin-off of their astoundingly enjoyable top-down shooter Tesla vs. Lovecraft ($8.99). Rather than the hand-crafted levels and campaign of the original game, Tesla Force is all about an infinite number of maps and an infinite number of campaign layouts, so you can basically just keep playing it forever and ever. Most exciting of all is that it introduces new playable characters (and their appropriate weaponry) into the fold in addition to Nikola Tesla from the first game, like Marie Curie, Mary Shelley, and the man H.P. Lovecraft himself. Yep, Tesla and Lovecraft are fighting the good fight alongside each other this time around. Check out Tesla Force’s trailer.

Pretty awesome, yeah? Well this week 10tons has launched an Early Access version of Tesla Force on both Steam and GOG, and they’ll be using this early availability to take in feedback from players and adjust the game accordingly. Also, only Tesla and Marie Curie are playable initially in this version, but Shelley and Lovecraft will be added in during the Early Access period. This is all well and good if you’re a PC gamer, but alongside this news 10tons has also confirmed that a mobile version of Tesla Force will be arriving after the full launch on console and PC. We were pretty sure that was a given anyway, but it’s always nice to get official confirmation. If you’re interested in checking out the Early Access version of Tesla Force, it’s 10% off on both Steam and GOG, and if you don’t already own the original Tesla vs. Lovecraft then you can grab a bundle on Steam with both games plus the soundtrack and DLC for an additional 10% off.