‘Slay the Spire’ Update with Version 2.2 Changes Arriving Any Moment Now, but Won’t Include Cloud Syncing

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In June of last year developer MegaCrit made A LOT of folks happy by announcing an official mobile port of their critically acclaimed deckbuilding roguelike Slay the Spire. Plenty of very good homages had filled the gap over the years but it was nice to finally have the “real deal" Slay the Spire on mobile. While there was certainly some gripes with the mobile port, we still really enjoyed the game in our review. And hey, its issues weren’t anything that couldn’t be fixed via updates, which would surely come fast and frequently. Right?

Ok so that hasn’t exactly been the case, and in fact it’s been well over a year since Slay the Spire on mobile received an update of any kind. MegaCrit is very aware of that fact and has been working hard with the company contracted to do the mobile port to bring the game up to speed with the versions on other platforms as well as implement some of the many feature requests mobile players have made. A few weeks back it sounded like this long-awaited update was right around the corner, but alas some issues have once again cropped up making releasing an update for the mobile versions trickier than it seemed it would be.

In a new update post on Reddit, MegaCrit says that the problems they keep running into with the new update are all related to cloud syncing, and so in the face of not releasing an update in over a year and knowing fans are anxious, they’ve decided to release an update excluding the cloud syncing feature altogether. It’s a bummer because I know a lot of folks were looking for that feature specifically, but the update will also include all changes up to version 2.2 of Slay the Spire which features a ton of balancing and other tweaks. You can actually get a full rundown of those changes in the aforementioned Reddit thread.

So, while they’ll continue to hammer away at the cloud saving issue, the update featuring everything else should be arriving for Slay the Spire on mobile at any time now, so keep hammering away at the App Store updates tab like I’ve been doing all day.

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